While rebates are certainly not the only thing to consider when looking for new appliances, they can certainly play an important role in your final purchase. Whether you are working on a new project or want to upgrade your current kitchen appliances, rebates can serve as a final determining factor. When you consider gas appliances, you actually get more than just a rebate. There are many gas appliances that are energy efficient, meaning you will receive your rebate a month or two later, around the time you get your first gas bill. It is like getting two discounts for the price of one. Even better, those lower costs will continue as long as you have your energy efficient gas appliances.

A prime example of this is the stadium in Minneapolis, MN. One of the largest public works projects that the state has ever undertaken, the U.S. Bank Stadium took advantage of rebates to help improve their sales. With over 66,000 seats and a wide range of events, the stadium needed to do more than impress. It needed to provide comfort and convenience for the different kinds of patrons who would attend. From sports enthusiasts who are looking to take their families to a good game, complete with the usual concessions fare, to club options with premium seating and fare for foodies, the U.S. Bank Stadium offers something delicious to eat for everyone.

Stadium Fare

The stadium was built to provide a more modern experience than the old Metrodome. That meant that the designers and builders had to rethink everything, from the bottom up. As beloved as the Metrodome was, it definitely did not look or feel in step with the modern world. This included the kinds of foods that the stadium had to offer.

During the planning stages of the new stadium, food options were definitely at the forefront of the designers’ minds. There needed to be a traditional element so that sports fans and concertgoers could quickly find what they were expecting. There also needed to be something special for those who enjoyed the premium seating area and wanted a great meal while watching the event on screen. This meant that the stadium needed a lot more than just fryers, and they began to look into options that would allow them to bring the highest quality foods to the patrons.

Another important element was bringing local Minnesota offerings into the stadium. This meant more exposure for local businesses, but it also meant discovering what kinds of appliances were needed to ensure that patrons left the event wonderfully impressed and happy.

Getting the right appliances was absolutely essential. With so many different culinary needs and considerations, the designers knew that a lot of different appliances were going to be necessary to cover everything. But it was equally important that providing quality food didn’t mean significantly increasing the cost. The stadium would need a variety of different appliances, including some of the higher end appliances:

These are only a few of the many types of appliances that were needed to offer the wide range of culinary experiences that would satisfy the venue’s audiences.

How Rebates Influenced the Decisions

While they were looking for the right solutions, the stadium planners contacted CenterPoint Energy to find out about gas options. CenterPoint Energy’s Conservation Improvement Programs provide customers with information on the benefits of more efficient, natural gas cooking equipment. Rebates are a great tool for illustrating energy saving benefits of high-efficiency gas equipment. It may seem like an easy decision to opt for energy efficient appliances, but because they are still relatively new, businesses are still a bit hesitant to try them.

The planners at the U.S. Bank Stadium were quite excited by the idea of having rebates in addition to monthly savings from lower energy use of the high-efficiency equipment. As they reviewed their options, they focused on the prescriptive list of gas appliances that were energy efficient and had applicable rebates. There were times where they opted for appliances that did not qualify for rebates, such as the fireplaces that create a cozy atmosphere in the club areas. However, the designers still opted for energy efficient gas appliances because of how much money they stood to save on their monthly gas bill.

If money is one of your primary concerns (as it is for most businesses), remember that rebates aren’t the only way to save. Like the stadium, even if an appliance does not earn you a rebate you can still save a considerable amount of money every month by choosing energy efficient appliances. With natural gas costing about 50% less to operate on average than other forms of energy, sometimes it is worth purchasing appliances without the rebate because you will get savings every month just from operating them.

The Final Review

After the final purchase, there was a walkthrough of the entire stadium to make sure that every appliance that was eligible for the rebate was included in the final rebate check. It was a fantastic sneak peek at a new and modern stadium that put comfort and entertainment at the top of its priorities. The entire process took about three hours to complete because almost every floor had several appliances that could qualify. By the end of the review, there was definitely a sense of Minnesotan pride about the stadium. From the colors to the local companies that provided concessions, there were as many Minneapolis businesses as there were popular chains.

Rebates for the Win

When the time came to cut the check for the high efficiency, natural gas foodservice equipment, the stadium received a check for over $37,000. At the same time, the new stadium was receiving their first gas bills and the savings were already obvious. Given the substantial difference between the cost of operating traditional appliances and energy efficient gas appliances, they were sold on the change.

Since the stadium opened, there have been many concerts, sports games, and events that have put those new appliances to good use. With Super Bowl LII, it is certain that all of the restaurants and concessions stands will be working at full capacity. Knowing that the appliances are reliable and energy efficient is just one way that the stadium will help turn a great experience into a higher profit endeavor. The appliances help to make everyone happy – the fans will have quality food, the restaurant will have great resources, and the stadium managers will save money. And the rebates helped to sell the idea of energy efficient gas appliances.


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