When it comes to food preparation, November is a big month. The problem is that not everyone can dedicate an entire day (or more) to cooking. Fortunately, the holiday delivery business is growing, and take out or delivery companies excel at providing the right options for any kind of holiday or event. If you are one of the growing number of people who does not have the amount of time required to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal, you don’t have worry to any more.

Even better, you don’t need a holiday or special event to take the day off from cooking. In a market once dominated by pizza, there are an increasing number of restaurants and businesses willing to make it easy for people to get a meal on the way home or have it delivered right at their front door. Thanks to technology, there are an increasing number of digital platforms and apps that make it easy to get something a little healthier delivered to your home. The growing market of take out and delivery makes it trouble free so that you can end any day with a good meal and little to no time cooking or cleaning up.

A Growing Business

Although it took a while, the number of delivery and take out businesses have been on the rise over the last few years. By 2015, the industry was worth approximately $210 billion. Customers love having all of these varied options at their finger tips, and that increases the likelihood that they will make more time in their schedule by ordering food in instead of cooking. It is also helpful that potential clients are able to see how businesses have treated customers through reviews. Being able to see food recommendations removes some of the risk of ordering something they won’t like. This increases the odds that people will order in instead of cooking or eating out.

There are two companies that stand out because they were part of the initial push to offer more than just pizza on demand.

  • Grubhub/Seamless
  • Eat24

Although they dominate the market, these two companies cannot possibly take on the growing demand to have healthier (and tastier) food delivered. Other businesses are beginning to branch out into this obvious gap in demand and service. The following are the three primary methods that companies are using as their initial business model.

Online order

– easily the most user-friendly (and preferred method) of ordering food, many companies and restaurants are building this into their current model. New companies are opting to make this part of the foundation of their model so that they can be competitive, as it makes up roughly two-thirds of all delivery and take out orders.

Delivery logistics

– This model is not nearly as common, but there is a growing market for it. It applies to groceries stores, companies like Amazon, and other businesses that provide food. The delivery may not be cooked, but it is food delivered directly to the customer’s door.

Prepared or cooked food by the logistics company

– This service is the least common because it requires having an online presence while maintaining a brick and mortar facility just for cooking. Some pizza places and restaurants follow this model, but it is a growing model among some healthier options with a heftier price.

With the holidays coming up, there has never been a better time to be part of a growing industry.


In Time for the Holidays

If you are one of the many people who are looking forward to Thanksgiving, but not the cooking and cleanup, you have plenty of options to save yourself the time and trouble. The following suggestions are some of your options, giving you plenty of time to start planning for the holiday without so much hassle.


is one of the first and currently the largest company in the business. However, they are by no means the only company who will deliver food to your door. Go to the Grubhub website and see what restaurants they are currently working with to deliver food to customers. You can also order straight from the restaurant and set up the delivery from the site. It makes it easy to find delivery at a lower rate.


looks very similar to Grubhub, so if you don’t find what you want on one site, you stand a good chance of finding something close on the other site.

Grocery stores

are also moving into at home delivery. You may need to do some cooking, but if you problem is that you don’t have time to go to the grocery store (or if you would prefer to skip the crowds this year), this could be a great way to plan your cooking without having to leave your home.


and DoorDash Drive (for businesses) offer home delivery of a great meal, and delivery to businesses. The business does not make the food, but they will pick up from wherever you place your order and deliver it to your door. It is still a startup, so it is largely restricted to urban areas. Take a few minutes to review the DoorDash website to see if they operate in your city. From there, you can find a restaurant and pick the meal you want for Thanksgiving. Make sure the restaurant you want is open for Thanksgiving though, because DoorDash is only the delivery vehicle. If you are a business that wants to order something special before the holiday, they can do that now too.


is perfect if you have to be out for the holiday and want to pick up something on the way home, or you can order right from your app. Check out the UberEats website for a list of restaurants that Uber works with in your area.

For this Thanksgiving, you can take 20 or 30 minutes to look over your options and make sure that what you want for the holiday is available on that day. It is a much faster way of preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal without losing so much time to shopping in a store or cooking.


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