Some of the greatest inspiration comes not from a shocking moment of clarity or experience, but from something as common as your everyday experience.

This is exactly how Chef Fitz Tallon got his inspiration. He worked on a farm and became curious about how the food he was working with made its way to the table. This led him to decide to go to school to learn the culinary arts. The best schools in the country are largely in New York City, so he made his way to the Big Apple to see just how to get the most and best out of his chosen field.

Around this time, he also began to develop a real appreciation for gas appliances. In a field where time is a type of currency, particularly in a place like New York City, gas appliances allowed him to create amazing food in less time than most other types of appliances. Nor were some of his early experiences in the industry terribly pleasant when using electric equipment. Over the course of a year, he sustained electrical shocks trying to keep up the pace, a problem that he doesn’t have to worry about with gas equipment. Gas also allows for better cooking with salt and virgin olive oil because you can heat several things at one time without having to worry about foods cooling while you are cooking something else.

Working with food is still something he loves doing because it is a high energy environment where people love food as much as he does. The fast paced Manzo is like a food circus in the middle of the city. You can get your own food for cooking, or you can purchase an already prepared exquisite meal. The use of fresh ingredients right from nearby farms makes the food that much more enjoyable, both for the customer and the chef.

Love of the job is what keeps Chef Tallon coming to work every day. Seeing his customers leave with a giant grin on their faces after eating any of the items on the menu is a reward that makes the job easy to love.

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