Because he grew up in France, Matthieur Chamussy is accustomed to delicious food made from some of the freshest food products. He started as an apprentice with Pierre Toukane, learning the ropes and the methods that create the kind of pastries that people associate with France and are the epitome of delicious. He earned his BAC PRO patisserie and went out into the world to see what else he could learn.

Finding the Right Home

Entering a new food world, Chamussy headed to New York City. There he gained a wealth of experience in things that are unique to the city. After working with some of the big names in New York, he returned to France where he put what he learned to good use under Keiko Nagae at the Hotel in Paris. Then in 2007, he received an offer to work at a bakery in Santa Monica, California. Eager to try a part of the US known for healthy and fresh food, Chamussy returned to the US.

A Passion for Making Something New

One of the main reasons that Santa Monica has been able to keep Chamussy working at his best is because of just how much of an emphasisCalifornians put on farm to table. Having found the right place with the right approach to food, he needed only a place to really start to grow his wealth of experiences. After several positions with companies in the Santa Monica area, Chamussy was offered a chance to work as a staff member of the Chef Instructor for the Art Institutes of California. During this time he worked as a consultant for bakeries all across the US.

In 2015, he took on the position of Research and Development Pastry Chef, a position that provides constant inspiration in his chosen field. He thoroughly enjoys working within the very green culture of California as it provides much better ingredients than places that import large portions of their food. Working at a high volume bakery means coming up with not only the perfect pastries, but the right approach that is easy for other pastries chefs to reproduce.

A Definite Preference for Gas Appliances

After using an induction stove during a time crunch, Chamussy has definitely decided that cooking with natural gas is the best way to make the food that inspires him to keep pushing hisinnovative ideas. The test kitchens give him a chance to really show off what he can do with a wide range of fresh and delicious looking fruits and pastries.

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