Everyone has their own impressions and memories from their time spent in the kitchens. For Marjorie, the kitchen is a place with good food and good times – it is a way for people to come together. Food is like love; it is a universal language. Smoked and Stacked is a place where Marjorie Meek-Bradley uses that language to make people smile as they go about their too busy schedules in the nation’s capital. When she was growing up in California, it was not the life she imagined for herself – and that ended up being a great surprise.

It’s All about Timing

She is not a native of Washington, DC, but  DC ended up being the perfect place at the perfect time as the neighborhood where Smoked and Stacked is located is part of a rebirth in the city. Having lived and worked in New York City and Yountville, California, Meek-Bradley knew what the typical restaurant work environment was, and she wanted something a little different.

Winding up in Washington, DC, ended up being an incredible stroke of luck for Meek-Bradley. Because local restaurant owners banded together, they created a unique support system with their neighbors. When a neighbor needs a cup of sugar and doesn’t have time to go to the store, they can simply drop by next door for a little extra. It’s an entirely enjoyable neighborhood in one of the busiest cities in the United State, and it has become the home that Marjorie hadn’t intended to make. Sometimes life makes your plans for you, and it is exactly what you need.

A Popular Niche

As the restaurant’s name suggests, the meats at Smoked and Stacked are smoked and piled on to sandwiches for a sandwich that tastes great without taking a long time to prepare. As people hurry about their day, they can stop by for a fantastic sandwich that is made with great ingredients in less time than most of the other restaurants take to make an average sandwich. It was a niche need that was not addressed by any of the other places in the surrounding neighborhoods. The delicious food that could be prepared quickly without sacrificing taste or nutrition made it a nearly immediate success. The restaurant even has a fantastic smoked Portobello mushroom sandwich for vegetarians.

The Ultimate Reward

There is no doubt that opening and maintaining a restaurant is difficult, but Meek-Bradley loves her restaurant and the neighborhood. The testing kitchens where the filming occurred provided a fantastic place to showcase her talents , and shows just how appealing the food is. Using the latest in gas stoves and appliances, she is able to not only make delicious food, but save money on utilities as she goes.

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