Some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to do from a very early age – Justin Beckett is one such person. Born to an Italian and a pastry chef, there was never any doubt that cooking was part of who he is. As the eldest of five children, he has been in the kitchen helping cook from the time he was able to be in the kitchen.

Moving in Arizona

In 1997, Beckett moved to Phoenix, Arizona where the idea of becoming a restaurant owner started to seem more like an inevitability as he looked around his new home. He and his wife found that there were many like minded chefs living in the city, particularly the Stephens. Meeting a husband and wife who were sommeliers (wine stewards) was the final push the Becketts needed to make that final step forward. The two couples experienced a feeling of  thorough enjoyment from getting together for a gourmet meal and delicious hand picked wines. One night their conversation turned to what they would do if they opened a restaurant together, and the rest is history.

In the Kitchen and Around the

In 2010, the two families opened a restaurant that focused on fresh ingredients in a neighborhood environment. They are part of a new generation of young chefs looking to make a difference, and the new restaurant sought to create an environment that was different yet familiar. Ultimately, they wanted to make a place that was reminiscent of their evenings together, and they wanted to share that feeling of camaraderie with the Phoenix community.

One essential aspect of Beckett’s Table is the use of natural gas to get just the right results with their food. The test kitchens provided the right environment to showcase their talents and abilities without putting all of the emphasis on the atmosphere. With the right tools and ingredients, the Becketts and Stephenses have been able to attract many devoted customers, and they have even won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for their passion and dedication to their unique restaurant.

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