Getting started at the age of only 16 years old in a professional environment, Josh Hebert knew from a very early age that being a chef was the only career he would ever need to consider. Starting in an Italian restaurant, he always knew that what he really wanted to do was work in the kitchen making food that was good enough for fine dining.

Moving, Learning, and Building

Living in Phoenix, he had plenty of avenues in which to use his skills in the kitchen. After Tarbell’s, he went to San Francisco where he worked for Zuni Café and Café Kati, and he spent his free time studying wine. From there, he moved to Japan to help open Café California, which was to be an offshoot of Café Kati. He returned to the US and took on several different high level positions before he decided to open a place of his own. In 2008, he started POSH Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Reminder of Why Gas Is Better

Hebert and his staff had an opportunity to do something incredibly memorable when they were hired to cook for 150 people, including the Japanese Ambassador. The problem was that they were required to cook with appliances that were electric only. Trying to make traditional Japanese dishes is difficult enough, but with electric appliances, they spent the day fighting metaphoric fires as the electric appliances blew fuses and interrupted power.

Hebert understands why people like electric appliances, particularly because they are easy to clean. The problem is that to make the best foods, he needs to be able to adjust and change the temperature quickly, which gas allows him to do. The test kitchens have been perfect for that. With training and giving start ups a place to really get familiar with their food, he has a real love for what he does, especially when given the power and tools he needs, including gas appliances.

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