ENERGY STAR appliances help restaurant owners and operators improve the performance of their facilities and equipment while reducing energy costs. Restaurants that invest strategically can cut utility costs 10 to 30 percent without sacrificing service, quality, style or comfort — while making significant contributions to a cleaner environment. Restaurants, or operations with commercial kitchens using ENERGY STAR equipment consume significantly less energy than other similar buildings.
ENERGY STAR qualified equipment can be an effective answer to mounting energy bills. By purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified commercial food service (CFS) equipment as a package for new kitchen construction or as a replacement for aging equipment, operators’ can save significant amounts of money and energy on electric, gas, water and sewer bills.
Qualified products can save up to as much as 50 percent over their conventional counterparts and include the following appliances are eligible for the ENERGY STAR label:

Many utilities are offering or developing new incentives for commercial foodservice (CFS) equipment that earn the ENERGY STAR. The website is maintained by the U.S. EPA and the DOE. The tool provides commercial food service (CFS) equipment manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and purchasers with information about rebates for ENERGY STAR qualified CFS equipment available from utilities and other energy-efficiency program sponsors.

More information is available at the CFS Equipment Incentive Finder.Disclaimer: EPA and DOE do not provide financial incentives for ENERGY STAR qualified products. This tool is provided as a courtesy to share information with consumers and partners on the financial incentives available from utilities and other energy-efficiency program sponsors. Please direct your questions and comments about these incentives to the specific company.

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