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AccuTemp Products, Inc.

This company represents a great American success story and a great case for the contributions of small, independent, idea-driven foodservice equipment manufacturers.  It all began with a few creative solutions to heat transfer challenges, which led to some great product concepts and the development of specialized manufacturing methods and equipment needed to make those concepts a reality.

In the early 1990’s AccuTemp was founded on an idea to use vacuum technology to cook and hold foods. This first commercially successful vacuum based cooking technology was christened the Steam’N’Hold. By incorporating a vacuum pump, which could lower the pressure inside a specially reinforced steamer cavity, this unit could boil water and generate steam at temperatures as low as 150° F. The result was foods traditionally steamed at 212° F could now be prepared better and held for hours, without over-cooking or loss of quality.  This concept established an entirely new category of steamers…now commonly called throughout the industry as “connectionless” steamers.

AccuTemp has developed a series of gas powered steamers that has gained the attention of foodservice industry and utility professionals.  Their Evolution™ steamer, available as a connected or connectionless appliance, exhibits faster cook times with improved energy efficiency, better cooking uniformity and less water consumption.  Incorporating an efficient 60,000btu heavy duty gas burner, these award winning units use less than 1 gallon of water/hour and comes with digital controls as a standard for precise cooking accuracy.  And, it has earned the coveted Energy Star rating for energy efficiency.  This important innovation and design, compelled the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network to award AccuTemp the 2010 Blue Flame “Product-of-the-Year” Award, proving the value of this product technology for today’s foodservice operators.


Gas is the fundamental “ingredient” of the foodservice industry, because without critical gas connectivity, a kitchen simply cannot function properly.  Dormont creates these key connections that are necessary for all your foodservice equipment needs. Dormont gas connectors, fittings, valves, and positioning systems ensure easy set-up and operation of your gas appliances to keep your foodservice operations running smoothly and safely.

As the industry leading inventor and manufacturer of safe, high quality stainless steel gas connectors, Dormont has earned the reputation as the expert in the gas connection business. They have a proven performance record that spans over 60 years. With more than 100 million safe installations worldwide, industry professionals ask for Dormont by name. Their dedication, reputation and history are why Dormont is known for “Setting the Standard in Gas Safety.”  As the inventor of both the stainless steel and quick disconnect gas connectors, they have helped revolutionize the gas connector industry, including playing a leading role in the ongoing development of industry standards throughout the world and always with an emphasis on safety.


Middleby Marshall is the world leader in conveyor cooking and is known for its durability and a perfect bake every time. The award-winning WOW! 2 Oven has received recognition and accolades from all over the world.  The Middleby Marshall WOW! 2 conveyor series oven utilizes advanced VAF impingement technology that allows the user full control of the air flow on the top and bottom of the baking chamber, resulting in optimal results in cooking product. Top and bottom zone air flow is modified through the main control, allowing instant results and full control of air movement, time, and temperature settings. The exterior of the oven is cool to the touch, safely giving users cooler working conditions in the immediate area. The WOW! 2 oven is designed to cook an endless amount of food products including pizza, chicken, seafood, sandwiches and more.

There is a Middleby Marshall conveyor oven to fit every restaurant food cooking and capacity need. With their patented Energy Management System, a Middleby Marshall saves operators on energy costs from the very first day of use, while delivering a perfect, consistent product that diners come back for time and time again.


Manitowoc Foodservice, Inc. designs, manufactures and supplies best-in-class food and beverage equipment for the global commercial foodservice market.  Their equipment portfolio offers 23 brands worldwide, including the Frymaster fryer product line.  Frymaster is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial fryers for the foodservice industry. For more than 75 years, Frymaster has been providing premium equipment and world-class service to operators. Frymaster’s technological innovation is continually pushing equipment performance to higher levels to achieve operating efficiencies, produce high quality, great-tasting foods and return outstanding value to operators.

Frymaster’s FilterQuick fryers with the integrated Oil Quality Sensor (OQS) are the first fryers in the world to monitor the health of the oil and indicate with precision when frying oil needs to be discarded. In recent years, new technologies like automatic filtration, automatic top off, oil conserving frypots and cool mode controllers have promised to extend oil life. The problem is that operators need an accurate, consistent and objective way of determining when to replace the oil. Using the oil for too long will damage food quality, while disposing of oil too soon will result in increased expense. Common subjective oil quality assessments like oil color, food color or days in use require too much guess work and minimize the impact of these oil life extending technologies.

Frymaster’s patented OQS measures Total Polar Materials (TPMs), the best objective assessment of oil quality. Oil is then able to be discarded at its true endpoint, not to soon or not too late. This ensures high food quality and optimal oil life. Monitoring complexity is reduced to a push of a button.  The innovative OQS eliminates the guesswork and supports more healthy frying operations.

Pearl City Mfg.

The PCM Convection Gas Fryer is a revolutionary frying system that sets new benchmarks for oil savings, energy savings and performance. The Remote Heat Exchanger and Built-in Filter System are unique to our design and accomplish significant oil savings, an industry leading 70.6% energy efficiency, unrivaled performance capabilities and the ability to filter while frying.

The fryers feature an oil pumping system which continually circulates oil through the heat exchanger and across the cook zone.  This process both transfers heat across the frying medium and increases cold zone stratification.  Industry tests show that convection frying can triple your production capacity and reduce your cook times up to 30%.  Pearl City gas fryers are available in 30 and 38 inch models.

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