What is GFEN?

The Gas Foodservice Equipment Network (GFEN) is an international alliance of utilities, foodservice equipment manufacturers, gas industry associations and foodservice trade allies organized to be a source of gas solutions for the commercial foodservice segment.

GFEN Membership

GFEN membership is open to natural gas providers, manufacturers of natural gas commercial foodservice equipment or HVAC systems and other foodservice trade allies.



To maintain and build natural gas load by ensuring that our commercial food service customers have an array of clean, efficient, cost-effective and high performance natural gas products from which to choose and are made aware of these products and their benefits.

GFEN Strategy

Continue to build customer confidence in natural gas supporting development of efficient, effective and reliable natural gas products and services.

GFEN’s Mission

GFEN’s mission is to help increase the use of natural gas — America’s best energy value — in the commercial and institutional foodservice markets by serving as the preferred resource for information, education, testing and marketing support of all types of food service technologies .


GFEN Tactics

» Collect relevant information, develop case studies that provide techno-economic data on performance, cost effectiveness, reliability of existing and emerging technologies and market needs for next five years and identify technology opportunities.

» Provide Clients with reliable, accurate, and unbiased information in order to promote the cost and quality advantage of natural gas versus other competitive fuels.

» Exploit the efficiency and environmental benefits by developing advanced, natural gas products.

» Encourage the development of an industry benchmarking method that will uniformly rate equipment efficiencies in the commercial food service sector.

» Track emerging government policy and guidelines to assess the potential impact on market threats and opportunities.

» Actively participate and support research agencies and industry associations such as The Energy Solutions Centre, Gas Technology Institute, and Food Service Technology Centre.

» Scan the market on a global basis to identify and bring forth technology transfer opportunities for products having improved affordability, performance, energy efficiency, safety, durability and ease-of-use.

» Support accelerated lab and field evaluations to rapidly gain first-hand exposure to and experience with emerging products.

» Support development of gas-fired commercial cooking appliances as well as ventilation protocols that provide restaurant operators with lower first and operating costs.

» Transfer or develop specialized commercial cooking technologies for specific and emerging ethnic cuisines.

» Various Outreach and communications methods and techniques.

Executive Committee

Ann Lovcik, CenterPoint Energy

Lorri Davidson, Soutwest Gas

ESC GFEN Director
Barbara Stinson

How Can I Learn More About GFEN?


Tina Read
GFEN Director
400 N. Capitol Street, NW
4th Floor
Washington, DC 20001
Telephone: 202-824-7151

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