2014 Product of the Year

Pearl City Manufacturing P-30 Gas Convection Fryer

The Pearl City P-30 Gas Convection Fryer has been named the “2014 Product of the Year” by the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network (GFEN). The prestigious “Blue Flame Award” was presented to the Pearl City team at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.

The P-30 Fryer was found to be the most energy efficient gas fryer on the market – with an industry leading 70.6% cooking energy efficiency; confirmed by testing at FSTC.  Unlike traditional methods of heating oil, the P-30 convection fryer cycles oil through a remote heat exchanger. The patented flow-through design pumps oil from the fryer vat into a heat exchanger, which produces 95% efficient heat transfer to the frying medium. From the heat exchanger, oil is then dispersed back into the fryer vat and flows over the food product, creating a convection action cooking process unique to Pearl City. Because the oil is continually circulating, it is heated at an even temperature and provides faster recovery.

“We are honored to have our Convection Fryer selected as recipient of the 2014 GFEN Blue Flame Product of the Year. We at Pearl City Manufacturing believe convection frying is the future and we are excited to offer a new technology that stands in a class of its own for gas frying efficiency and performance. The Blue Flame Award is testimony to the hard work of our people and each individual’s commitment to set new industry standards for gas frying equipment. We are truly honored by ESC’s recognition of the Pearl City Convection Fryer,”

said David Highnote, President of Pearl City Manufacturing.

Information for you:  For more information click here to read about the “Blue Flame Award” winning Pearl City P-30 Gas Convection Fryer.

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