2013 Product of the Year

Vulcan PowerFry™ VK High Efficiency Series Fryers

The Vulcan PowerFryTM has been named the “2013 Product of the Year” by the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network (GFEN). The prestigious “Blue Flame Award” was presented to the Vulcan team on the opening day of The NAFEM Show in Orlando, FL.

Vulcan’s patent pending FivePassTM heat transfer technology uses a single heat source that enters the fryer’s patented multi-pass heat exchange tube and forces the heat back and forth in the fryer five times before allowing it to exit the fryer. With traditional fryers, the heat path has only one opportunity to heat the oil before it exits the fryer, often with flue stack temperatures up to 1250ºF. The PowerFry VK fryers have flue temperatures below 500ºF.

The PowerFry uses Vulcan’s innovative patent pending FivePassTM heat transfer technology to increase production up to 25% or more, while reducing energy use up to 50% when compared to traditional fryers. The FivePass technology maximizes heat transfer to the fryer oil resulting in faster recovery and faster cook times. The PowerFry series has earned ENERGY STAR’s® highest gas energy cooking efficiencies for full vat fryers in all three of Vulcan’s fry tank sizes – 45, 65, and 85 pound capacities.

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