Deck/Pizza Ovens



The look and styling of deck/pizza ovens is as varied and interesting as the myriad of foods these ovens can bake. From old-world brick to sleek-and-modern stainless steel to a completely “open” display-style pizza oven, deck and pizza ovens can turn out perfect pizzas to mouthwatering meats with ease.

• High-production ovens, usually containing two or more decks at heights appropriate to the foods to be cooked.
• Pans of food placed directly on the oven deck.
• Basic sizes included:
>> Standard/full-size – high volume operations; insulated for efficiency and minimal kitchen heat gain
>> Countertop – lower volume; ideal for mobile catering
>> Vaulted Cavity – designed for front-of-the-house appearance; constructed of brick, stone, masonry or ceramic
>> Motorized Convective – uses motorized blower system to control and force heat flow evenly throughout oven cavity; enhances energy efficiency and baking performance
>> Turntable Deck – motorized, rotating hearth ensure even baking
>> Pizza ovens – generally offer a greater range of sizes (18″ to 78″ wide x 22 to 45″ deep) compared to baking deck ovens (33″ to 42″ wide x 36 to 45″ deep)


• Bake cookies, pies, cakes, bagels, Italian casseroles, Mexican plated dishes, potatoes and poultry, many red meats, seafood


• Primarily pizzerias, but the variety of foods that can be prepared in a deck/pizza oven is expanding the range of applications to include most food service establishments.

Available Features*

• Wood oven appearance with flames
• Ceramic, steel or stone hearth
• Custom design
• Heat distribution/balance control
• Viewing windows/doors
• Air curtain door
• Multiple access doors
• Rotating shelves
• Built-in ventilation system
• Stackable


• Stacking one to three units allows greater production than conventional ovens in less space
• More expensive models have separate burners and thermostat per deck

Energy Input

• 70,000 to 320,000 Btus

Fuel Type(s)

• Natural gas and LPG and gas/wood combination


• 150 to 200 cfm per linear foot

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.

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