Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor ovens are not just for pizza baking anymore. Labor and space saving features make these ovens a popular choice for a variety of menu items. including meats, pastries, breads and seafoods. By stacking several units with independently controlled conveyor speeds?some models offer as many as eight separate cook times?conveyor ovens offer the ultimate in flexibility.

• Motorized, automatic, horizontal cooking chamber with openings at either end.
• Food moves through heated chamber at constant, controlled speed and temperature on continuous loop, stainless steel belt or wire mesh.
• Heating modes include:
>> Infrared
>> Natural convection with ceramic baking hearth
>> Forced convection (air impingement type)
>> Combination of infrared and forced convection


• Bake or roast at high production rates such food items as pizza, casseroles, meats, breads and pastries.
• Ideal for baking, reheating or finishing tasks


• Single units suitable for smaller kitchens.
• Multiple units can be stacked for higher volume operations.

Available Features*

• Adjustable belt speed/cook time
• Independently controlled, variable speed fans
• Solid state controls
• Dual conveyor
• Granite stone plate conveyor
• Infrared technology
• Stackable, up to 3 units


• Consistent results with minimal waste.
• Operates two to four times faster than conventional ovens due to use of a fan to circulate hot air directly onto conveyor.
• Air impingement ovens increase production speed
• Dual, variable speed belts allow simultaneous cooking of dissimilar foods
• Stacking or linking multiple ovens allows high production in minimal space

Energy Input

• 52,000 to 180,000 Btus

Fuel Type(s)

• Natural gas and LPG


• 150 to 200 cfm per linear foot

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.

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