Booster Water Heaters


Properly cleaned and sanitized dishes and utensils are critical for any food service operation to meet customers’ safety expectations and protect a business’s valued name. A natural gas booster water heater provides the hot water needed for superior sanitizing results. Natural gas booster water heaters “boost” the temperature of 110-140°F hot water to 180°F for the final rinse, killing bacteria and destroying grease.

• Basically a point-of-use water heater.
• Can be wall-mounted, under-the-counter or free-standing.
• Can sit next to or near warewasher or be remotely located.


• Effective and cost-efficient substitute for chemical rinses and as a complement to warewashers without a high-temperature rinse cycle.


• Catering and off-site cooking
• Remote, on-site cooking
• Cleaning and maintenance

Available Features*

• Microprocessor controlled ignition, temperature control and diagnostics
• Electronic ignition or standing pilot
• Gas modulation technology for precise temperature control
• Tankless/pumpless model
• Low water cutoff
• Temperature/pressure relief valve
• Finned tube copper heat exchanger
• Infrared burner technology
• Wall mount or mount under dish table, near dishwasher or remotely


• Kills bacteria and destroys greasy substances such as lipstick and animal fat
• Eliminates rewashing, chemical sanitizers and unsightly water spots
• Speeds drying process and reduces falls from water slick floors
• Safer than chemicals for fine china and silver
• Compatible with most warewashing machines
• Units can be hung on wall, fit under a counter, or located remotely from the warewasher

Energy Input

• 58,000 to 399,800 Btu

Fuel Type(s)

• Natural gas and LPG

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.

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