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 Membership Benefits 

   Mark Manganiello “Being a member of GFEN has en- lightened our organi- zation of the net- working oppor- tunities that can be realized through participation. We 

consider GFEN an extension of our marketing capabilities, especially when it comes to introducing new high efficient gas commercial appliances. Their ability to reach out to so many end users is unmatched and has truly proven to be a valuable resource. Their annual Blue Flame Award serves as a tribute to our industry by recognizing and promoting the best in class of innovative gas appliances..“

Mark Manganiello

          Manager, Engineering Services

          Market Forge Industries, Inc.


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GFEN 2015 Product of the Year: Alto-Shaam CTP7-20 Combi Oven


The Alto-Shaam CTP7-20 Combi Oven has been named the 2015 Gas Foodservice Equipment Network Blue Flame Product of the Year.

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2014 GFEN CCW Workshop

from Birmingham, Alabama

What is GFEN?

The Gas Foodservice Equipment Network (GFEN) is an international alliance of utilities, foodservice equipment manufacturers, gas industry associations and foodservice trade allies organized to be a source of gas solutions for the commercial foodservice segment.

How we help ...

The Gas Foodservice Equipment Network's goal is to help foodservice operators improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability. More than a million buildings in North America contain some type of commercial or institutional foodservice including restaurants, bars, fast food chains, cafeterias, hotels, motels, long term care, institutional operations, etc.

Clean-burning natural gas-fired products offer commercial foodservice customers comfort, ambiance, and convenience.  A variety of natural gas-fired appliances are used in today's commercial kitchens.  Over 100 manufacturers are producing more than 600 models of gas-fired kitchen appliances alone.  An additional 100+ manufacturers produce natural gas fired technologies that are used outside of the kitchen for things such as HVAC, humidity control, water heating, power generation, gas lights/torches, patio heaters, fireplaces/fire pits and booster water heaters. This variety of gas-fired appliances and technologies offers a great opportunity foodservice operators to improve operations, save energy, improve customer comfort, etc.



Watch our Photo Tour of the 

2014 GFEN CCW 

from Birmingham, Alabama